What is Tvmonster.co?
Tvmonster.co is a movie & games system. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all kind of movies & game files. Visitors of Tvmonster.co can download torrents and non-torrent to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker.

What is BitTorrent And How Do I Download From This Site?
BitTorrent is a (p2p) peer-to-peer file protocol used for the distribution of files on the internet.
The Reason Bittorrent is fast becoming the recommended means of downloading or uploading content to the internet is because of its ease of use and high speed transfer. In order to download any torrent from this site all you need to do is download any 1 of the following bittorrent client programs from the following list install it and then you will be able to click on any of the torrent links on the site and download.

Any unanswered questions or for a more indepth knowledge database you can look here:

The official BitTorrent site

Why isn’t there a registration form at Tvmonster.co?
we don’t have a registration system, and we never ask our visitors for any information, personal or not because we don’t store any of them permanently, and we don’t have a database for it.

I’ve got a suggestion or problems, how can I reach you?
You can contact the administrators of this site at contact@tvmonster.co. Suggestions, ideas and fixes are always welcome. Note that we cannot help you with problems regarding your downloaded files. Please visit our forum and ask for an advise from our community.

What is a .torrent file?
This is a small metadata file. Metadata here means that the file contains information about the data you want to download, not the data itself. Your BitTorrent client needs the .torrent file to connect to the tracker and download the data you want.